Brett Bosinski

brett bosinski

After living in Buffalo his whole life, Brett made the decision to pursue an electrical engineering degree at UB in 2014. In the spring semester of his freshman year, Brett joined the Sensors and MicroActuators Learning Lab (SMALL) in the electrical engineering department. Since then, he has worked as an undergraduate research scholar researching microfluidics and ultrasound for healthcare applications. As part of his commitment to UB and the area, Brett has been a part of Acker Scholars, MORE House, and Science is Elementary at Westminster Charter School. Within the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences he is a student ambassador and a student leader for the Introductory Freshman Engineering course. Brett hopes to take his research to the next level and commercialize it. He plans to contribute to the growth of the growing medical device field in Western New York through innovation in his own research to create technology that could revolutionize the field.