Daniel Buckmaster

dan buckmaster

Daniel Buckmaster is a graduate student in mechanical engineering, following the conferral of his bachelor’s degrees from UB in aerospace and mechanical engineering. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree with a focus in design and optimization, as well as advanced manufacturing technologies. Daniel is currently the owner of a product development consulting firm, Tresca Design LLC. His company works across industry and the startup community, addressing the key technical needs of product design, development, and prototyping. At UB, Daniel serves as a teaching assistant for the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ First-Year Initiative, and is the co-founder of Blackstone Launchpad’s Product Design Coaching Program. Outside of his company and the university, Daniel sits on the board of the Western New York invention Convention, a local not-for-profit organization focused on STEM education and inventorship in Western New York schools. Although just moving to the area in 2014, he has found a true home in the Western New York region. Daniel has plans to stay in Western New York to improve the economic and social outlook of the region though his entrepreneurial drive and pursuit of excellence.