Haley Abrams

Haley, a Buffalo native, is majoring in Management at Canisius College. She recently graduated from Erie Community College with an associate’s degree in business administration and is now trying to achieve a bachelor’s degree. This is her first semester at Canisius College as a transfer student. She is expected to graduate from Canisius College in fall 2023. Although Haley is not currently involved in any clubs on campus, she plans on participating more for the following semester.

At ECC, Haley was a recipient of the Pat Artieri/Gary Stanton Memorial Scholarship in 2020 and the Pablo E. Pichardo Medina Memorial Scholarship in 2021. She has been volunteering at Cornerstone of Wisdom Ministries in Cheektowaga, NY since 2019. She currently works as a part-time sales associate at Rainbow in Cheektowaga, NY and has been for almost a year now. Haley hopes to gain a job in the business workforce after graduation, while acquiring networking opportunities and connections for the future.