Hayleigh Federowicz

Hayleigh Federowicz is currently a junior at the University of Buffalo, pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship. Hayleigh has many different interests within both the field of business and entertainment. Currently she is extremely interested in learning how to grow and cultivate her nonprofit, Create the Culture, where she and a team of local hip-hop artists travel to different cities to perform and host events. Leading her team and the organization, she helps bring together communities by reaching out to local businesses within each city to provide sponsorships to support and give back to a charity within each area they travel to. Hayleigh and Create the Culture have raised over $3,000 since December 2022 to give back to different charitable foundations through their movement. While pursuing one of her main goals to give back to others, Hayleigh works every day on her individual craft on her own personal music. She has built a very large social media platform by sharing her talent with the world and is continuing to grow her following into a business, learning how to monetize and grow her passion into a career. Outside of her nonprofit and independent music career, Hayleigh is also extremely interested in real estate and real estate investments. She is currently undergoing the process of attaining her NYS real estate license. Overall, Hayleigh hopes to combine all her passions, interests, and goals to pour positivity and growth back into her community and the world around her.