Liam Saiia

liam saiia

Liam Saiia will graduate in spring 2016 with a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy and English. Liam spent his teenage years in Buffalo and is interested in being a part of its blossoming entrepreneurial and not-for-profit efforts. He wants to identify how some of the philosophical principles and processes he has studied at UB can guide community organizations’ decision-making and help influence positive moral change. Liam is a university honors scholar, and has served as an undergraduate teaching assistant in the philosophy department. In the realm of philosophy, Liam’s academic interests include logic, metaphysics and epistemology, and socio-political philosophy. In the realm of English, he is interested in poetics, the short story, feminist theory, and post-modernism with respect to technology. Liam plans to continue his studies either in philosophy or in law, and intends to contribute carefully and meaningfully to the long-term growth and development of our Buffalo community.