Mariam Sadawi

Mariam was raised born and raised in the Middle East, then became a refugee in the US in 2011 and made Buffalo her home. She started chasing a dream, even though there were many obstacles such as the language barrier, culture, and being a woman. She decided to apply to UB for her undergraduate degree and follow that dream. Mariam obtained her bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship from UB and is pursuing her MBA; she anticipates graduating in 2025.
Her entrepreneurial spirit grew when, as a young girl, she developed a health issue, undoubtedly tied to the trauma of her exile. That led her to create a fresh organic juice to heal herself. Since America’s food scene is causing the nation to go sick, she wanted to serve many people high-quality, affordable, and healthy drinks. She was ready to share natural recipes with the world to help everyone reclaim their health. This juice, HINT, has become the subject of her entrepreneurial vision. She was selected to work with the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus IC Success program, working with local mentors to support her entrepreneurial spirit and to take her business to another level. Her long-term goal is to implement a HINT Juice and Smoothie Bar full-time. With knowledge and hands-on experience from the MBA at UB, she would be able to achieve this goal in a realistic time period. Passion is a key motivator that keeps her going and setting up her S.M.A.R.T goals with the help of the MBA education will help her plan and achieve many goals in the future.