Mary Canty

mary canty

As a native of Buffalo, NY, Mary Canty graduated with her BS in biomedical engineering from the University at Buffalo in May 2014. In 2014, Mary was awarded the Department of Biomedical Engineering Presidential Fellowship. She is currently pursuing her PhD in the UB Orthopaedics Research Laboratory, with a focus on periprosthetic joint infection. Her research is centered on voltage-controlled electrical stimulation of titanium implants for the prevention of orthopaedic infections. In June 2015, Mary presented her research at the third Stevens Conference on Bacteria-Material Interactions in Hoboken, New Jersey, and she looks forward to engaging with the scientific community once again in May 2016 during the 10th World Congress of Biomaterials in Montreal, Quebec. In addition to spending time on research, Mary is a math tutor for local high school students, and serves as a volunteer at the Westminster Charter School for their Science is Elementary program. She also worked as a student leader for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as an undergraduate, and enjoyed maintaining an active role in the engineering community at UB. Following graduation, Mary intends to stay in WNY and take advantage of the flourishing medical technology community in downtown Buffalo.