Michael Pantzer

michael pantzer

Michael Pantzer is currently pursuing a master of business administration from the University at Buffalo School of Management and a juris doctor from SUNY Buffalo Law School. He plans to use his legal and business background to further commercial transactions between businesses, and to help create a fertile business community in Western New York that supports innovation and change. As the original Product Advocate for Bloomberg Law at SUNY Buffalo Law School, he helped more than 100 students access Bloomberg’s software. Through his work with the MBA Consulting Group, Michael provides pro bono consulting services for local small businesses. Michael served as a clerk to the Program Administrator of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Department for the Western District of New York, and helped to facilitate swift resolution of legal disputes. More recently, Michael helped develop Rich Product Corporation’s global food business while serving as head law clerk in the company’s legal department. Michael is currently the executive business editor of the Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal. Michael is a teaching assistant for the first year MBA Strategic Management course at the University at Buffalo School of Management.