Nyles Moore

Nyles, a Buffalo native, is currently participating in the teaching residency program at Canisius College. With a BFA in animation, he brings a unique perspective to the educational field. Throughout his time at Canisius College, Nyles has been actively engaged both on and off campus, sharing his passion for art through teaching various workshops on character design and animation. Notably, he has contributed to The Saturday Academy Program at Squeaky Wheel and has continued to pursue freelance opportunities in his field. To broaden his skill set, Nyles secured a marketing internship with Forge Buffalo, where he acquired valuable marketing techniques that he can now apply to promote himself and his future projects effectively. In addition to his creative pursuits, Nyles is deeply committed to social causes. He actively participates in Citizen Action, advocating for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice. As an alumnus of Say Yes, Nyles took part in the inauguration of the Say Yes Little Scholars Program, where he played a crucial role as the lead teacher for the first cohort of preschoolers. Embracing this opportunity to positively impact young lives, Nyles aims to develop a program that reinforces and strengthens restorative practices in schools. Looking ahead, he envisions running for the school board next year, allowing him to contribute further to the betterment of the education system and the community as a whole.