Peter Okorozo

Peter graduated in 2016 with a BS in pharmaceutical sciences, and is currently enrolled in the doctor of pharmacy/masters in business administration dual degree program. Born in Queens NY, and growing up in Nigeria, Peter realized the need for a better health care and how it would impact many lives in our communities. Peter is currently in his third year of pharmacy school and will start his pharmacy rotations next year. Currently, he is working on a business project with two other Fellows called EastSide Green. The main goal behind the project is to educate our neighbors, especially Buffalo’s east side, on the benefits of healthy food choices and to provide them with those goods locally using hydroponic systems.

As a CSTEP Alumni, he showed dedication in creating a pathway for the less privileged and giving them the inspiration to achieve a higher education. Peter was a campus health educator who collaborated with UNYTS to campaign on the need for organ donation. He also furthered his knowledge by conducting a Novartis-funded research project on “Drug Delivery and its Role on Pancreatic Cancer Signaling Resistance,” which he presented at the CSTEP Nationwide Conference, McNair Conference, and the UB Center of Undergraduate Research and Arts. Currently, he works as a pharmacy intern and uses that opportunity to educate patients on their medications and the importance of medication adherence. To apply more of his education skills in a different setting, Peter is currently working on projects for a primary care clinic in collaboration with one of his professors. At this clinic, he helps providers and physician assistants to meet certain quality metrics related to patients’ medication care, which is expected to increase reimbursements as well as quality care to the patients.

Peter believes the WNY Prosperity Fellowship has showed him the virtues of Western New York. As a PharmD/MBA student, he believes there are a lot of resources and opportunities here for a start-up. Peter believes there are people willing to help you in in Western New York to advance on your future career if you are passionate and willing to make a difference. His journey to this point in his career wasn’t an easy one, and the Prosperity Fellowship gives him the reason to keep pursuing his dreams to become a collaborative practice pharmacist in Western New York.