Sirawar Matin

Sirawar is pursuing his doctor of physical therapy (DPT) degree at the University at Buffalo. He completed the majority of his undergraduate studies at Montclair State University, where he majored in athletic training and minored in entrepreneurship. Currently, he anticipates graduating in 2024 but hopes to possibly continue his education at UB to study real estate development. He is a first-generation student who is passionate about paving the way forward for others in his community. 
Sirawar (Si) is very passionate about health and wellness and hopes to bridge the gap between needing rehabilitation and remaining healthy. His understanding of the benefits of physical therapy has been strengthened through his journey as an entrepreneur. He believes that, like a startup, the benefits of physical therapy need to be communicated well to have a lasting impact. It is a profession that helps everyone, but not everyone is aware of the benefits. He hopes to break these barriers and raise awareness of the benefits of physical therapy, especially in his community. 
Currently, Sirawar serves as a venture coach for Blackstone LaunchPad and hopes to use the skills he develops through this role to establish his clinic in Buffalo. He hopes to incorporate multiple interdisciplinary health professionals into his clinic to treat the healing process holistically. During his free time, he enjoys reading books and networking. You can always expect Si to introduce himself to everyone he meets; he truly believes in the power of one’s network.