William Giegerich

Will Giegerich is a first year graduate student at the University at Buffalo, currently pursuing a master’s degree in electrical engineering. Will works as a research assistant at the university’s Sensors and MicroActuators Learning Lab, where he focuses on sciences related to object detection and material analysis, with application to the medical, agricultural, and automotive industries. For his work, Will has been accepted for three scientific publications to the TechConnect World Innovation Conference. Furthermore, he is an active member in the WNY startup community, working at ACV Auctions and Tresa Design and Manufacturing. Through these experiences, he has utilized his research and engineering technical skills in multispectral imaging and computer vision to create revolutionary tech for the automotive industry.

In his spare time, Will finds great resolve working in his local community. Whether it is through the mentorship of young students promoting STEM or his involvement with the University Heights Tool Library, he continuously strives to provide opportunity, growth, and development to the WNY community. With a passion for technology, innovation, and sustainability, Will aims to combine his engineering background with his entrepreneurial spirit to build WNY’s next technology startup.