Over $100 Million has been Donated to Assist The Prentice Family Foundation’s Support of Economic and Workforce Development in Western NY

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James J. Tanous, Executive Director
The Prentice Family Foundation
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-The Prentice Family’s Extraordinary Contributions
Support Western New York’s Economy in Multiple Ways-

BUFFALO, NY (October 21, 2022) – Over $100 million has been donated to assist The Prentice Family Foundation in its pursuit of its mission to promote economic development in the Western New York area by creating meaningful and sustainable jobs.  The Foundation, a private not-for-profit organization created by Bryant H. Prentice, III and his wife Joan P. Prentice, pursues its mission by combining financial support and experiential opportunities for Buffalo-area college and graduate students who demonstrate an entrepreneurial drive with direct investments by the Foundation in existing and start-up businesses located in Western NY.

The Foundation launched its mission by establishing a scholarship program in 2009 at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and at Canisius College the following year. In 2015, that scholarship program was enhanced into the Western New York Prosperity Fellowship Program, which maintains the financial assistance features of the scholarship program while also adding additional extracurricular and post-graduate activities including paid, credit-bearing internships. The Prosperity Fellowship Program helps build and support a highly educated, innovative, and committed leadership group prepared to contribute to the economic growth and sustainability of the area. More than 500 Fellows have received over $9 million in assistance through the Prosperity Fellowship Program.

“The Foundation also invests in private sector businesses that create not only innovative products or services, but also meaningful and sustainable jobs that provide employees with challenging and satisfying work, and a secure income to support their families and, ultimately, their communities” said James J. Tanous, the Foundation’s Executive Director.

In 2008, the Prentice family also created The Career Aspiration Fund, administered by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, to fund needs-based scholarships to Bryant & Stratton College students in WNY and across the U.S. who plan to begin or advance their career upon graduation.  Over $12 million have been awarded to financial need-based students from across all campuses and the national online division of Bryant & Stratton. Continuing the Prentice family’s unwavering workforce development commitment, the College converted to a not-for-profit institution of higher education, with all the related educational assets donated to the College, which is governed by an independent Board of Directors with The Prentice Family Foundation as the sole member of the institution.

“I am distinctly proud of all the work our family foundation has achieved to support students on their journey to building successful and life-changing careers,” said Joan Prentice.

“The Prentice family’s donations to the College and the Foundation will continue our longstanding history of supporting workforce development by providing career-ready graduates to employers in the communities we serve,” stated Bryant Prentice.



The mission of The Prentice Family Foundation is to facilitate economic growth, productivity, and employment within Western New York, ensuring that the region remains a vibrant community for future generations. The Foundation pursues this mission by offering direct investments in private companies and by funding a fellowship program for entrepreneurial-minded students who will support the creation of meaningful and sustainable jobs in the area.