STC Architectural Products Secures Funding For Innovative Architectural Sound Control Solutions


BUFFALO, NY,  April 11, 2016  —  Buffalo-based STC Architectural Products, LLC has secured low cost funding of up to $450,000 from The Prentice Family Foundation to support its growth initiatives.  The funding will facilitate STC’s development of an expanded product offering of cost effective sound control solutions while also enabling STC to accelerate its marketing to architecture, engineering, and construction firms across the United States and Canada.  STC specializes in the design, marketing, and sale of high performance and innovative architectural acoustic products engineered to block or mitigate noise in commercial and large-scale residential new construction and retrofit projects.

“With the funding provided by The Prentice Family Foundation, we can more rapidly advance our design and marketing efforts in order to grow sales and increase market penetration,” according to Paul L. Battaglia, STC’s President.

He added, “Our growth will also benefit our exclusive manufacturing partner, TMP Technologies Inc., a Buffalo-based multinational market leader in specialty foam, rubber, plastic, and metal fabrication.  Between the two businesses over the next few years, I expect that the Foundation’s funding will support the creation of more than a dozen local, full-time jobs in the fields of marketing, sales, administration, engineering, and manufacturing.”

Mr. Battaglia, a Buffalo native, received his Master of Architecture degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976.  For over thirty years, he practiced architecture in Buffalo with Cannon Design, the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency, and Hamilton Houston Lownie, where he served as Principal Architect.

Mr. Battaglia is also a professor of architectural acoustics and lighting at the State University of New York at Buffalo’s Department of Architecture.  He began STC in 2012 to find a solution to address the high cost and cumbersome manufacturing and installation processes associated with the majority of sound-sealing products currently available for buildings and homes.

Regarding The Prentice Family Foundation’s funding of STC, its Executive Director, James J. Tanous, commented, “STC is the Foundation’s first direct investment in a growing business in Western New York.  Its innovative product line coupled with TMP’s manufacturing expertise are an attractive combination that, with the Foundation’s funding, provide an attractive opportunity to further the Foundation’s mission of supporting economic growth in Western New York.”

The Prentice Family Foundation is a private non-for-profit corporation that was created in 2005 by its generous benefactors, Bryant H. Prentice, III and his wife Joan P. Prentice.  Its mission is to promote the economic development of Western New York through the creation of meaningful and sustainable jobs.  Its strategy to achieve its goal of generating economic growth, productivity and employment in the region is to make direct investments in Western New York businesses and to fund the Western New York Prosperity Fellowship Program.  The Fellowship Program offers tuition assistance and internship support to entrepreneurially-minded undergraduate and graduate students at the State University of New York at Buffalo and Canisius College.  The Fellowship Program has 60 current and more than 200 former Fellows.

About TMP Technologies, Inc.

TMP Technologies is an innovative engineering, design and manufacturing operation that specializes in the development and production of products requiring foam, plastic, metal and rubber.  TMP has over a half century of expertise designing and manufacturing products for consumer, medical, and industrial applications.