2016 Fellows

It is our goal that these outstanding young scholars will create the jobs and technologies that will power Western New York throughout the 21st century.

  • ruby anderson

    Ruby Anderson

    Communications / English

  • Kate Anticoli

    Kate Anticoli


  • Ledeebari Banuna

    Ledeebari Banuna

    Business Administration / Political Science

  • patrick barry

    Patrick Barry

    MBA / Law

  • Madelaine Britt

    Madelaine Britt

    Political Science / Environmental Design

  • emily brooks

    Emily Brooks

    Biomedical Engineering

  • dan buckmaster

    Daniel Buckmaster

    Mechanical Engineering

  • mary canty

    Mary Canty

    Biomedical Engineering

  • Latrel Citizen

    Latrel Citizen


  • lauren courtade

    Lauren Courtade


  • chris courtney

    Christopher Courtney

    MBA / Entrepreneurship

  • kevin cullen

    Kevin Cullen

    Urban Planning

  • juweria dahir

    Juweria Dahir

    Urban Planning

  • Madeleine Dewey

    Madeleine Dewey

    Environmental Engineering

  • Haley Edwards

    Haley Edwards


  • Erik Ferguson

    Erik Ferguson


  • julie fetzer

    Julie Fetzer

    Civil Engineering / Industrial Engineering

  • lisa gagnon

    Lisa Gagnon

    English / Linguistics

  • andrea gonzales

    Andrea Gonzalez

    Architecture / Graphic Design

  • Enjoli Hall

    Urban Planning / Architecture

  • ryan hubbell

    Ryan Hubbell

    Biomedical Engineering

  • david huoh

    David Huoh

    MBA / Doctor of Pharmacy

  • brannon jones

    Brannon Jones


  • celine keefe

    Celine Keefe


  • patrick kennelly

    Patrick Kennelly

    Business Administration

  • Greg Kopra

    Greg Kopra


  • lee locklear

    Juston Lee Locklear


  • Marc Mallare

    Marc Mallare


  • Katherine McCarley

    Katherine McCarley

    English / Psychology

  • John McGuire

    John McGuire

    Economics / Finance

  • brentyn mendel

    Brentyn Mendel

    Biomedical Engineering

  • james moscato

    James Moscato


  • Caitlin Orgek

    Caitlin Orgek

    International Relations

  • sarah owen

    Sarah Owen


  • Ali Al Qaraghuli

    Ali Al Qaraghuli

    Biomedical Engineering / Electrical Engineering

  • amber quinney

    Amber Quinney


  • courtney renford

    Courtney Renford

    Political Science / Philosophy

  • matt rivera

    Matthew Rivera

    Business Administration / Musical Theatre

  • Connor Rosenecker

    Connor Rosenecker

    Economics / Finance

  • ameen salem

    Ameen Salem

    Computer Science / Mathematics

  • phil schneider

    Philip Schneider

    Electrical Engineering

  • Daphne Sietz

    Daphne Sietz

    Human Services / Religious Studies

  • jeff spencer

    Jeff Spencer

    Economics / Finance

  • rachel stern

    Rachel Stern

    MBA / Law

  • elijah tyson

    Elijah Tyson

    Business Administration

  • zoe vaughn

    Zoe Vaughn

    Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • danielle vazquez

    Danielle Vazquez

    MBA / MPH

  • calvin weaver

    Calvin Weaver

    MBA / JD

  • Racheal Whiteside

    Racheal Whiteside

    Environmental Geosciences

  • Chen Zhang

    Chen Zhang